About Us

Dominion Dive Club was founded in the summer of 2007. Since our inception, we have had a great deal of success as a club. We have had 25 individual national champions, Three 2016 Olympic Trail Qualifiers,  two 2015 Junior Pan Am Qualifers in 4 events earning a gold and two silver medals, two 2014 World Champion Qualifiers in 4 events,  two 2013 Junior Pan Am Qualifiers in 6 events earning two bronze medals, a silver medalist in the 2013 Puerto Rico Grand Prix, 3 Olympic Trials Qualifiers, a 2012 Junior World Championships Qualifier in Adelaide, Australia, 2 medalists in the 2011 Junior Pan American Championships in Medellin, Columbia, a 2011 World Championships Trials Qualifier and a bevy of other Junior and Senior National Finalists on 1m, 3m and platform.


2016 Summer Session

  • OAK MARR Summer Session: June 27th, 2016- July 30, 2016
  • Dryland Summer Session: June 27th, 2016- July 30, 2016


Our Mission 

Dominion Dive Club promises to provide an atmosphere that will garner a love and an appreciation of the sport of diving. Our ultimate goal is to  develop an athlete that will be competitive at the national  level, however we pride ourselves on our ability to provide the right training for all ages and levels from an absolute beginner to a national champion. Please search around the website to discover more about the team, coaches and what we can provide your diver. 


Our Success

We are regularly qualifying 10-20 divers to the USA Diving Junior National Championships every year which allows us to compete very well as a team. At the 2013 USA Diving Junior Nationals, we placed 6th overall and 2nd as a mens team in the entire United States! We have also done well as a team at the Junior East National Championships. Over the past two years, we have placed 2nd and 3rd overall and 1st and 2nd as a men's team in the entire eastern half of the United States! With all of our recent successes, we have regularly sustained the highest national ranking of not only every team in the VA, MD and DC area but the entire east coast.

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